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Plamen Petrakiev
Bulgarian folk musical instruments - kaval, typan(drum), gayda(bagpipe), tambura, dvoyanka, duduk, tsafara, bozuki and souvenirs

Plamen Petrakiev - Craftsman of musical instruments Produces, restores and repairs authentic folk musical instruments: kaval (whistle), gayda (bagpipe), tupan (drum), tambura, dvoyanka, duduk, tsafara, bozuki, souvenir musical instruments. .

Welcome to the official website of Plamen Petrakiev – craftsman of Bulgarian folk musical instruments and souvenirs!

Born in the city of Pleven, Plamen has graduated at the Shiroka Lakka musical school with main subject "Tambura". Afterwards he has gained degree at the Academy of Music, Dance and Arts in Plovdiv also with main subject "Tambura". Almost 15 years he has been teaching tambura at the Shiroka Lakka musical school and Lyben Karavelov School in Plovdiv. Since 1985 he has acquired years of experience in production of authentic folk musical instruments: kaval (whistle), gayda (bagpipe), tappan (drum), tambura, dvoyanka, dudduk, tsafara.

He is a member of the Craftsmen of folk musical instruments Union – Plovdiv. He is participating annually in many folklore gatherings, crafts fairs in "Etara" near Gabrovo, Varna, Koprivshtitsa, etc. Teaching tambura to foreign students who appreciate Bulgarian folklore.


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